Vodafone Pushes Bloatware Onto Samsung Galaxy S Phones  

by Matt Hawkins, 21/09/2010
Categories : Mobile Phones

Some companies just don't listen.

Vodafone are currently pushing out Android updates to Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones with the same buggy 360 crap as they pushed onto HTC Desire owners.

As a Desire owner I fought in the infamous "HTC Desire Vodafone Bloat-Mal-ware" war.. I suggest Samsung owners do the same.

The only way you are going to get this sorted is fight back. Hard.

My advice is :

- Email every tech blog you know explaining what is going on
- Email every newspaper/news-site you use explaining what is going on.
- Got a blog/website? Write an article
- Got Facebook? Start a group/Join a group
- Member of a tech forum? Start posting
- Contact Ofcom
- Contact Trading Standards
- Contact Watchdog (they are back on air!)
- Post in MoneySavingExpert forums
- Post on the Vodafone forums
- Comment on The Register article

Don't give up. Keep going and don't be silenced with spin and press statements. You need action not words.

The only way to win is to make it a PR disaster for Vodafone. Start the snowball and keep it rolling. They will assume you will not stick it out for more than a few weeks. Show them they are mistaken.

The Desire story has started to fade but it will give you a head start.

Good luck troops.

Author : Matt Hawkins  Last Edit By : Matt Hawkins
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