Chris Cardell And The Advertising Standards Authority  

by Matt Hawkins, 10/07/2010
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There is one thing I hate and that is big companies with a department full of low grade lawyers trying to silence innocent members of the public when they try mentioning the truth.

This might ring some bells with the guys at Cardell Media.

Cardell Media were told off by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to stop using a particular style of mailshot (aka junk mail) because it was misleading to UK consumers.

However UK regulations obviously don't mean much to US companies and it has been reported that they are still using the marketing technique. It involves trying to persuade people to visit a website by using a fake newspaper clipping and a fake post-it note.

Any blogger who even mentions this news story is getting sent cease and desist notices. The Register reports that one such letter says:

your website's post 'Junk Mail by Chris Cardell' which unlawfully infringes upon the intellectual property of rights of the Cardell Media Family

This seems a little stupid especially coming from someone who claims to be :

recognised as Britain's leading expert on Entrepreneurial Success and Advanced Thinking.

Apparently you can't mention "Chris Cardell" because the name is copyrighted.

No, seriously I didn't just make that up. They honestly think you can copyright someone's name. Comedy gold.

If you are from Cardell Media and wish to send me a cease and desist notice my web-host will be happy to give up my address ... with a UK court order. For that you are going to need some sort of grounding in common sense and UK law.

So start whistling ...

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