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by Matt Hawkins, 22/03/2010
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Warning! The following iphone 3g 3gs unlocking website : is a front for

These sites are likely to be loaded with spyware and malware. They are operated by scum who will happily steal your money.

They are not interested in unlocking your Apple iPhone 3G. They are interested in stealing your money.

This is why they have to promote their site by spamming guestbooks including those of memorial sites people have set up for their deceased children.

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The low-life who goes by the name 'Tartacx' should be ashamed of himself. Google him. You'll see how many forums he has joined rarely posted but always manages to find the time to fill in his website address.

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Spammers are scum. Spammers who have no respect for other peoples families are worst than scum. 'Tartacx' has already proved what he is willing to do for money so ripping people off is hardly going to bother him.

Use his websites at your own risk.

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