Name & Shame : Worst Companies I Have Dealt With  

by Matt Hawkins, 23/09/2010
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I'm sick to death of poor/low quality service from UK companies. Here is my list of companies to avoid.

I will update this article every time I receive an unacceptable level of service. If you need your company removing from this page this can be arranged. (A £100 administration fee will be payable).

Barnard & Co Solicitors - Bristol - Incompetent. Liars. It took me 8 years but I got the £200 they owed me. Plus interest.

Vodafone - This year Vodafone just don't stop being idiots. First they forced a load of marketing malware onto my HTC Desire and this week it was discovered their website had been giving out personal data to anyone who requested it. For a tech firm they are surprising useless at the implementation of technology.

City Link, Bristol - Once I collected a flat screen monitor from them only for them to drop it at my feet. Luckily for them it survived the fall. Their staff were so rude that I didn't even get an apology. Last year they claimed to have attempted a delivery while I was out. I wasn't. They simply lied. This week they claim to have made two deliveries but mysteriously failed to leave a calling card. How difficult is it to drop a piece of card board through a letterbox? Beware.

EmpireDirect ( - I ordered a Bosch fridge-freezer from their website which claimed to have stock. I waited a week for it to arrive. It didn't. I rang them up only to find out the fridge didn't actually exist and that the particular model was still being made in the factory. Stock level? Oh well their website is a bit "quirky" they told me. No, that's straight up dishonesty. I cancelled the order and avoided them for all future purchases.

Comet, Bristol - I ordered a dishwasher. I paid for a delivery slot. I took a day off work. They failed to deliver and then refused to deliver on a convenient date for me. They were rude and offered no apology for the missed delivery. They said I couldn't cancel my order. They were wrong. I did. Never bought anything from them since.

Furniture Land, Bristol - They attempted to deny me my statutory rights as a consumer after supplying damaged goods. I got my refund. They went bust.

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