Plantfood Supplier Or Drug Dealer? You Decide!  

by Matt Hawkins, 16/03/2010
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I was just browsing the BBC News site when I came across the sad news that two teenagers had died in North Lincolnshire. Both are thought to have taken the legal drug mephedrone.

I had never heard of this "legal high" drug. It is legal in the UK and is referred to as Mephedrone, Methylone, MCAT, MEOW and 4MMC. I did some academic research.

UPDATE: July 2012, at his request I have removed personal details of previous owner. The site still sucks but everyone deserves a second chance. Use it wisely.

One supplier of this drug is xxxx xxxx based in xxxx. Apparently Mephedrone, Methylone, MCAT, MEOW and 4MMC aren't party drugs after all. They are simply plant food. xxxx really must like his plants because he claims to offer this stuff at unbeatable prices ... and he sells it by the gram.

An interesting unit of measurement for a horticultural product. Especially one that has no documented horticultural benefit.

The actual benefits to humans include nose bleeds, nose burns, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, blood circulation problems, rashes, anxiety, paranoia, fits, and delusions.

If you are struggling to find his site the details are here :

Domain name:
Registrant: xxxx xxxx
Registrant type: Non-UK Individual Registrant's address:
xxxx xxxx
United Kingdom

He says he is a "non-UK Individual" but is based actually living in xxxx. Strange.

If you prefer to ring your plant food dealer by phone xxxx is happy to take orders on his mobile xxxx 24 hours a day.

Remember this product is only for really keen gardeners. It would have to be at £10 a gram! If you have got lots of plants you can always buy 500g at a modest £1850.00 which drops the cost to £3.50/g.

Orders from the Norway, Sweden, Finland, Israel and New Zealand are not permitted

That's because it's illegal in those countries.

I dare anyone to view his website and conclude that he is supplying this stuff without being aware of what it is being used for.

The Terms and Conditions obviously attempt to protect xxxx from any consequences of his actions.

I'm glad xxxx xxxx is paying his taxes and declaring his income from his completely legal plant food empire because the economy needs young entrepreneurs like this.

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