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by Matt Hawkins, 14/01/2010
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Creating charts using the Oracle BI Publisher Word Template Builder is fairly straightforward. Once you've got your XML input data you simply load it within Word and run the chart wizard.

If the wizard creates the chart you want then you are lucky. Modifying the chart or doing any customisation usually involves editing the raw XML definition. However, there is almost no decent documentation available for tweaking the XML and is something of a black art.

So I created the Oracle BI Publisher Chart Generator.

The Oracle BI Publisher Chart Generator generates the XML to define basic Pie Charts using the Template Builder. It's intended to give you a quick and easy way of creating customised Pie Charts without the pain of reading hundreds of pages of documentation.

The chart creation process is something like :

* Create your chart in Word using the Chart Wizard.
* Right click the chart and select "Format Picture"
* Select the "Web" tab
* Paste the XML into the "Alternative text" box

Note: Using the Chart Wizard replaces your customised XML so be careful you don't lose any important customisations. Once you've started editing the XML you need to avoid using the wizard. Keep backups of your templates or XML just in case!

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