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by Matt Hawkins, 31/12/2009
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I just saw Avatar (in 3D naturally). It is by far the most visually stunning film I have seen and instantly dates many films by a decade or in some cases confines them to the dustbin. How many films will I watch now and think "nice but shame it wasn't in 3D".

The trailers made me worry Avatar was going to look like a computer game but that fear was washed away in the first five minutes. The effects are flawless.

A film can't rely on 3D. It still needs to be a good film but 3D is allowed to actually enhance a film just like colour and sound do. A good film is a good film but how many films have you bothered watching recently in black & white with mono sound? There are plenty out there with good plots. If you've still got your own teeth the answer is probably none.

The plot is just fine and far from "weak". What exactly do people expect? It is far better than most of the big films of 2009. The plot of Avatar is a take on the "person sees error of his ways and defends what he was sent to destroy" story. It has the obligatory point at which the heroes are beaten down followed by a rousing speech before the final battle.

Get over it. It's not the Shawshank Redemption. If you need more character development and plot then read a book or watch a costume drama.

It's got some action sequences. Yes it does. Guess why? Its a sci-fi movie made by James Cameron. If you don't like action sequences why on earth are you sitting in a cinema watching a James Cameron film?

Due to the attention Avatar has received there are the usual suspects who wanted it to fail and will continue to put it down. Some of these critics started preaching their uneducated junk before even seeing the film. If you come out of Avatar and weren't impressed you really need to get your eyes checked.

I thought George Lucas has finally stopped updating messing with the original Star Wars trilogy. We'll George, if ever there was a time you need update Star Wars its now. Avatar dates the effects in Episodes 1-3 so badly I can almost cry.

There are also plenty of people ready to dismiss the effect Avatar is going to have on films in the future. 3D has already failed to take off hasn't it? Yes because those films were junk. They relied on 3D tricks and gimmicks, something Avatar doesn't need to do. If you think you've experienced 3D before watching Avatar you haven't.

Does it redefine cinema? Yes.

If you think it doesn't then go back to watching black & white silent movies on VHS. Or maybe if that is too radical stick on a wax cylinder. After all, colour and sound are just gimmicks ...

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