ShopIntegrator WordPress Plugin Update  

by Matt Hawkins, 20/03/2012
Categories : ecommerce

If you need to quickly turn a WordPress site into an online store with ecommerce features then the ShopIntegrator WordPress plugin is worth a look. It makes it easy for any WordPress user to add shops features such as a shopping basket, buy buttons and currency controls.

The plugin has just been updates to version 1.2.1 which adds a number of new functions to an already impressive list.

- Add to basket buttons and links
- Buy it now buttons and links
- Basket details
- Currency controls

The plugin lets you drag specially designed "widgets" to your theme's sidebar. The latest version adds the ability to add a currency control as well as allowing you to better customise the existing widgets. The widgets now allow you to specify a custom CSS class which increases your flexibility in apply styles to them.

The plugin allows you to build an online shop while the ShopIntegrator admin console on the main site allows to add and configure your line up of products. These products could be physical items or digital downloads.

You can download the latest version of the ShopIntegrator WordPress eCommerce plug-in for free from the
ShopIntegrator WordPress Plugin page.

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