DVR D011 Mini DV Camera Review  

by Matt Hawkins, 02/03/2012
Categories : Multimedia

The DVR D011 is a small battery powered camera that can record 640x480 video direct to a microSD memory card. It is small and cheap making it useful for film making.

In general it is good value for money and there are some useful videos on YouTube made by other owners.

Good points

1. Its cheap
2. The quality is good considering it has no fancy optics
3. Its robust
4. Its easy to tape, strap, cable tie it to almost anything
5. It comes with a car suction mount and handle bar mount
6. Apart from the switch everything else is fairly splash proof. It is easy to wrap the body in plastic for more extreme filming!

I used it to record cycle and car journeys. It was easy to mount to my bike and I did some interesting filming by cable tying it to my car bumper and roof rack. You can use this camera in all the places you wouldn't want to risk your camcorder or digital camera.

Bad points

1. The user manual, despite using English words is awful. Some parts of it simply don't make sense. It takes a fair while to work out how it works. There are some bits of the user manual I never managed to decode. (Google "mattsbits dvr d011" for some clearer instructions).
2. The button on the top is easy to operate by accident.
3. It records in 5 minute chunks. When starting the next clip there is a slight lag. This may or may not be irritating depending on what you are filming.
4. It adds a time stamp to the foot of each video clip and setting the date and time is a pain. You can't turn off the time stamp.

For this price the bad points are easy to forgive.

Unfortunately my camera was stolen from my car but I am confident the thief will never get any use out of it!

For simply being able to strap it anywhere and record a definite recommendation. I think I will buy myself another.

Author : Matt Hawkins  Last Edit By : Matt Hawkins
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