How to Promote YouTube Videos for Free  

by Matt Hawkins, 17/02/2012
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If you use YouTube to publish videos on the net then you need to consider how you can promote them to maximise the number of views they receive. This list will help increase your YouTube view count.

There is no magic formula but the following advice will help.

The golden rule is to create interesting, quality videos that people will want to watch and share. Nothing can help you if you don't have the content. If your videos are great but deserve more views then carry on reading ...

YouTube Video Information
- Add plenty of relevant keywords
- Add a clear, well written description that actually describes the content of your video. Search engines can't view your video so they some words to go with it!
- Add a location to the video
- Add a date

Swap Details With Friends

- Subscribe to your friends' Channels and ask them to do the same.
- Retweet your friends videos in exchange for them doing the same with yours.

Promote Your YouTube Channel

- Link to your YouTube Channel on your website
- Link to your YouTube Channel on your blog
- Link to your YouTube channel in you your outgoing emails
- Link to your YouTube channel to your printed newsletters
- Include your YouTube channel URL on your business cards
- Add your YouTube channel to your business directory listing

Embed Videos

- Embed each video on your website by creating a page with suitable text and keywords
- Embed each video on your blog
- Embed videos in your email newsletters
- Embed videos on online forums related to the video content
- Embed your YouTube videos on your Facebook profile
- Embed your YouTube videos on your Facebook fan page
- Create a directory page on your website where you list all your videos with suitable text.

Social Networking
- Share your videos on Google+ as a "Public" post
- Share and like your videos on Facebook
- Share your videos on Yammer
- Tweet links to your videos
- Digg your videos
- Stumble your videos
- Create a Facebook fan page for your YouTube video channel
- Link YouTube to Flickr


- Link to YouTube channel from your MySpace profile
- Mention your channel in your Twitter profile "Bio"
- Mention your channel in your Facebook profile "About Me"
- Mention your channel in every forum profile you have access to


- Create a YouTube video promoting your other videos
- Blog about your videos

Special Techniques For The Adventurous

- Post flyers advertising your channel using pre-paid envelopes included with junk mail
- Print stickers with your channel URL and stick them to every item of mail you post

Here is a shorter list of things you should also consider :

- NEVER buy YouTube views
- NEVER buy YouTube channel subscribers

Buying views or subscribers may boost the numbers but they aren't real people with a real interest in your videos. They are either automated accounts (that YouTube will delete once they identify them) or people who are only subscribing to you in exchange for subscribers to their own channel. They aren't interested in your videos, will probably not view them and will unsubscribe the first opportunity.

It is far better to have 10 genuine subscribers than 1000 junk subscribers. Is your life really that dull that you would need fake numbers to make you feel better?

Many of the "secrets" you can buy on the internet that promise to make you rich from YouTube videos will simply be an expanded version of the information above.

Author : Matt Hawkins  Last Edit By : Matt Hawkins
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