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by Matt Hawkins, 24/01/2012
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The Raspberry PI has a growing community of users and developers. This article aims to provide a list of resources related to the Raspberry PI computer system.

Ultimately there will be an enormous volume of material available from user guides, tutorials, applications and hardware addons. Hopefully this page will give you a good starting point from which to start your Raspberry PI experiments.

User Guides
The Quick Start Guide (380KB,PDF) are a useful introduction to using your RPi for the first time.

The Broadcom BCM2385 Datasheet (1.4MB,PDF) is a technical document for developers.

Web Resources

raspberrypi_org_screenshot.pngThe official site of the Raspberry PI Foundation is This site contains everything you need to know about the product and is the source for official announcements.

raspberrypiforums_screenshot.pngThe official forums are a great source of information and a good place to ask questions. The boards are moderated by members of the development team and they often provide definitive answers to popular questions. Please make sure you read the FAQ before posting questions.

raspberrypi_spy_screenshot.pngA site devoted to the credit card sized computer offering tutorials, guides, resources and downloads. aggregates Raspberry Pi articles and news from various sites around the web into one central page. This makes it a quick way of seeing what is going on in the RPi world.

elinux-org_screenshot.pngThe is a wiki devoted to embedded Linux projects. They have created a section specifically for the Raspberry PI. It gives a good overview of the whole device and the peripherals known to work with it. There is a good section explaining in details the GPIO (General purpose input output) pins on the PI circuit board.

frambozenbier_screenshot.pngThe site has been created as a home for the Raspberry PI homebrew community. It aims to provide a forum, development resources and a showcase for Raspberry PI projects.

The hottest Raspberry Pi news


The following are blogs featuring regularly updated RPI related articles :


The RPI team are on Twitter and it's worth following @Raspberry_Pi for all the latest updates.

Win32DiskImager - for writing operating system images to an SD card

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