Junk Mail - Time to Fight Back  

by Matt Hawkins, 31/12/2011
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I hate junk mail dropping through my letter box. What I do like are the prepaid envelopes that come with it. So from now on I will use those prepaid envelopes to promote this website.

They want me to know all about their exciting offers and products I don't care less about ... so it is only fair I share my stuff with them. There may well be articles on this site that they need to know about. It would be rude to keep it to my self so I will use those envelopes to send them a flyer.

I would hate for anyone to be sitting at their desk wondering why they never receive any thanks for the faceless, junk they pump through the postal system. Don't worry guys! It's on its way!

It will cost them money to receive but let's not forget it costs me money to receive the crap in the first place. So I guess that makes us even.

!!!Special Offer!!!

If you are reading this as a result of receiving my flyer through the post I hope you enjoy it. There is plenty more where that came from.

The offer? Oh, yeah almost forgot. The special offer is for you to go **** yourself and stop sending me junk. No, really please do.

Don't like my site? Trust me, however much you hate my site it is only a fraction of how much I hate your products.

Here are a list of companies who have sent me unsolicited junk mail with that all important magic envelope :

American Express

Note : To remove your company name from this list please contact me. This service will incur an administration charge of £100.

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