Filtering a Sharepoint Calendar List by Start Time  

by Matt Hawkins, 21/11/2011
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In a Sharepoint calendar list the "Start Time" defines when an event starts. There may be times you want to filter your calendar items based on this start time. Unfortunately "Start Time" does not appear in the list of available columns within the filter settings.

I wanted to filter calendar items so it only displayed events that had not already started. The solution was to create a new column that contained the start time and then filter on that.

The process goes a little something like this ...

- Go to your calendar list
- Select "Settings" and then "List Settings"
- Click "Create Column"


- Give the column the name "Start Time 2"
- Set the column type to "Calculated (calculation based on other columns)"
- Set the formula to "=[Start Time]"
- Set the data type to "Date and Time"
- Set the format to "Date & Time"
- Uncheck "Add to default view"
- Click "OK"

Now you can select the view you wish to update.
Select "Modify this View" from the view menu.


- Under the Filter section set "Show items only when the following is true:"
- Select "Start Time 2" from the drop down list
- Set the operator to "is greater than"
- Set the value to "[Today]"
- Click "OK"

This will only show items where the start time is greater than the current date and time.

The only issue I've found with this technique is that it doesn't work very well with recurring events. These events all have the "Start Time" of the first event in the series.

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