Standard Web Banner Advert Sizes  

by Matt Hawkins, 31/08/2011
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If you are creating advert banners and buttons for your website you should make them according to the following sizes.

Below is a table of standard banner sizes used on most web sites. You don't have to use these sizes but they have become a convention and systems such as Google's Adsense tend to use them.

At the end of this article you can download a zip file containing examples of all the different banner sizes. These are useful to place into a web site design so you can seen how various types of advert will look within your page layout.

Use the example link to popup an example png graphic.

Size Title Example
468x60 Full Banner Full Banner
728x90 Leaderboard Leaderboard
336x280 Large Rectangle Large Rectangle
300x250 Medium Rectangle Medium Rectangle
250x250 Square Square
160x600 Wide Skyscraper Wide Skyscraper
120x600 Skyscraper Skyscraper
120x240 Vertical Banner Vertical Banner
240x400 Vertical Rectangle Vertical Rectangle
234x60 Half Banner Half Banner
180x150 Rectangle Rectangle
125x125 Square Button Square Button
120x90 Button Button
120x60 Button Button
88x31 Small Button Small Button

Here is a zip file containing example banner adverts in all the above sizes. They are PNG images :

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