Resize Windows To Exact Dimensions With Sizer  

by Matt Hawkins, 04/08/2011
Categories : Windows

Sizer is a free windows utility that allows you to resize windows to predefined, exact dimensions. This is useful when creating documentation, screen shots, screen casts and tutorial videos.

When creating videos or screen shots you can resize your target windows to a defined size so your content is consistent. This is a simple way to ensure all your videos are the same size.

It can also be used when web developing so that you can view your pages within a browser window sized to a specific resolution.

Sizer is only 153Kb and takes seconds to download and install.

You can choose to run Sizer when windows starts or on demand. Once running you can right-click the title bar of a window and choose a size from a "Resize/Reposition" menu.

Right-clicking on the Size icon in the system tray allows you to define your own sizes. You can even get the window to take up a specified position on the screen. If you are using CamStudio to create videos this is useful as you can match the "Fixed Region" settings in CamStudio with the "Menu Configuration" settings in Sizer.

Author : Matt Hawkins  Last Edit By : Matt Hawkins
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