APEX Delete Confirmation Dialog Box  

by Matt Hawkins, 07/05/2009
Categories : APEX

When you delete records from a record set in Oracle Application Express using a Delete button it is best to give the user a chance to cancel.

This can be easily achieved using a JavaScript popup confirmation dialog box. It makes use of a built in javascript function called 'confirmDelete'.

Create a standard button and edit the "Optional URL Redirect" parameters.

Set the "target is a" to "URL"

Set the the "URL Target" to :

javascript:confirmDelete('Are you sure you want to delete that record?','DELETE');


DELETE is the request value passed to the page. This can be used to conditionally trigger a process which will carry out the delete. In order to do this create a process and set the condition type to "Request = Expression 1" and type DELETE into the Expression 1 text box.

This technique can be used for any button where a confirmation is required from the user.

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