Ipsos MORI Annoying Cold Calls From 02088618682  

by Matt Hawkins, 07/07/2011
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I took part in an Ipsos MORI survey to monitor my radio listening for a week. What I didn't realise was the personal data I supplied would be used to pester me weeks later.

I was told the information I supplied was purely for the purposes of that survey. I ticked the "don't ever contact me" box but they ignored it.

They claim the phone numbers are randomly generated but I find that hard to believe given the calls started only a week after the radio survey.

They are dishonest and lie.

Think you are safe because you have registered with the Telephone Preference Service? Ipsos MORI don't bother with that. They can avoid using it because cold calling you at 9pm for "research" purposes is legal apparently. Regardless of the law an ethical business would respect the TPS system as it represents people's wishes not to be cold called by anyone.

I would recommend that people avoid taking part in any Ipsos MORI surveys.

If it is too late and you have been tricked into giving them your phone number you can expect multiple calls from 02088618682 at any time of day.

According to many forums the guys at Ipsos MORI actually like receiving cold calls. Unfortunately they are all too gutless to actually provide their own telephone numbers.

Ipsos MORI, like many, companies think that they can do whatever the hell they like and it is up to you to constantly opt-out. You must opt-out of every scheme they can think of. Even when you do opt-out they will ignore that and carry on.

A cold call should always be opt-in. If I don't give you permission to call me then you shouldn't.

Not even sure how Ipsos MORI survey data is even valid when it only includes people in the UK that like getting unsolicited cold calls? That isn't very representative is it? Anyone with any self-respect is going to hang up on a stranger ringing them up at 9pm having obtained their number with deception?

I asked for my number to be removed from their list and they ignored me. This post is pay back. Oh one last thing regarding this post : there is no opt-out. Screw you.

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