Common User and Group LDAP Attributes  

by Matt Hawkins, 14/06/2011
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Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a network protocol for editing and reading directories. It is often used to implement user databases or telephone directories.

Each record within an LDAP database has a number of attributes. Below is a list of the common ones often used to define user records and the groups that they are members of.


LDAP Description
createtimestamp Create Date & Time
creatorsname Creators Name
description Group Description
displayname displayname
modifiersname Modifiers Name
modifytimestamp Modification Date & Time
orclisvisble Visibility Flag
owner List of Owner DNs
uniquemember List of Member DNs


LDAP Description
mail Email Address
givenname First Name
middleName Middle Name
sn Last Name
displayname Known As
title Job Title
description Job Description
departmentNumber Department
manager Manager
telephonenumber Work Phone
facsimileTelephoneNumber Fax
mobile Mobile Phone
street Address
l City
st County
postalcode Post Code
c Country
jpegphoto Photo

Note : Some attributes can be single or multivalued so may contain more than one value. For example "uniquemember" is multivalued and can contain multiple DN values.

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