Force Honda Sat Nav To Load Old Firmware  

by Matt Hawkins, 14/06/2011
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If you have updated the firmware on your Honda Satellite Navigation system you may wish to reload an older version. This may be because you are selling the car on want to sell the newer disc separately. If you are trading the car in there is no point giving the new version to a dealer when they can have the old version!

The method below is the official Honda method for forcing the reloading of firmware from a DVD disc that is an older version than that currently loaded.

With the older disc in the drive :

1. Start the engine.
2. An error message appears.
3. Push 'MENU' and 'ZOOM DOWN' switches simultaneously for 2 seconds.
4. Screen turns to 'SYSTEM LINK' page with a fanfare.
5. Press 'NEXT' switch (opens car status page).
6. Press 'NEXT' switch (opens yaw rate page).
7. Press 'NEXT' switch (opens diagnosis menu page).
8. Select 'UNIT CHECK'.

The update should now start with a progress bar.

Once the update is complete the unit should restart as normal.

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