APEX URL Construction And Parameters  

by Matt Hawkins, 28/04/2009
Categories : APEX

The Oracle Application Express URL contains a number of parameters. These parameters are documented but the summary below is quick guide to get you started.

A typical URL takes the form :

The parameters are described below :

1 - Application ID or alias
2 - Page ID or Alias
5 - Debug (YES or NO) &DEBUG. :DEBUG
6 - Cache setting

APP - Clear cache for whole application
SESSION - Clear cache for current user session
RP - Reset pagination
x - Clear cache for page x
y - Clear cache for item y

7 - Comma separated list of page items
8 - Comma separated list of values
9 - Printer friendly mode (either YES or blank)

The comma separated parameter list can be used to set Interactive Report settings.

The Application ID, Page ID and session number can be derived from the substitution strings :APP_ID, :APP_PAGE_ID and :APP_SESSION if required.

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