MattsBits Does Not Allow You To Remove Personal Details  

by Matt Hawkins, 22/03/2011
Categories : General has admited to a security breach where customers details may have been stolen. They claim to have warned their customers but I received no warning. Can you really trust Play with your data?'s chief executive John Perkins said:

On Sunday 20 March some customers reported receiving a spam e-mail to e-mail addresses they only use for

We believe this issue may be related to some irregular activity that was identified in December 2010 at our e-mail service provider, Silverpop.

Investigations at the time showed no evidence that any of our customer e-mail addresses had been downloaded.

We reacted immediately by informing all our customers of this potential security breach in order for them to take the necessary precautionary steps.

errr no you didn't you lying idiots. I'm a customer and I received no notification that my email address may have been harvested by criminals.

"Reacted immediately" in this case means reacting three months later and only after customers were already getting targeted by scammers!

Given these obvious lies I wonder what else in the official explanation is bull shit? Perhaps the bit about "it was only email addresses".

I sent the following email :

After the recent security breach I would like to delete my and all my personal details held on your system.
How can I do this?

and I got the following reply :

Yep nothing.

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