Cost Effective cPanel Web Hosting With PHP and MySQL  

by Matt Hawkins, 10/02/2011
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If you are looking for a host for your websites then take a look at eUKhost.

Their cPanel Hosting is a very cost effective hosting solution as you can host multiple websites under one account. All cPanel Hosting plans include Softaculous, along with support for PHP, MySQL, Perl, PHPMyAdmin, Servlet/JSP Tomcat, Ruby on Rails, Site Builder, Unlimited Addon/Subdomains/Parked domains and Shared SSL.

Softaculous is an amazing part of cPanel control panel. It integrates with cPanel and gives the ability to automatically install a variety of open source scripts with our low cost web hosting packages.

eUKhost's All-Inclusive cPanel Hosting Plans offer a value packed and popular hosting solution with great features, fast and secure servers, multiple free tools and high quality customer service!

cPanel Hosting

Dedicated Servers are a very secure way of hosting your resource intensive website or SQL Databaseas as you get the opportunity for customization as per your requirements. Racked in a secure location and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all Dedicated Servers are performance orientated servers and are configured for reliability. Datacenter is temperature controlled to ensure your private server is always running at optimum levels.

Dedicated Servers

eUKhost Cloud hosting offers many advantages over traditional hosting service due to the number of servers that are being used for a single cluster, and if you or your business rely greatly on your website, Cloud hosting is a worthy upgrade for you. eUKhost Cloud hosting not only offers greater reliability in the form of 100% uptime and scalability in the form of easy upgrades, but you can also be guaranteed of a higher level of security.

Cloud Hosting

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